Traefik Is Not Correctly Redirecting To App via Ingress Domain

Hello all,

New here and new to Traefik, hello all :slight_smile:

I have recently installed Traefik on my TrueNas Scale server. I have configured the app as per an instructional video: TrueNAS SCALE - Installing Traefik using TrueCharts - YouTube

For reference, this is the app config for Traefik below:

I have ensured that Traefik is configured to use ports 80/443. My TrueNas GUI ports have been altered to not conflict.

I have setup my NextCloud app with Ingress so that when I use my selected subdomain, I should be taken to the NextCloud App dashboard.

However what I am finding is that when I use my selected subdomain, I am being taken to my TrueNas dashboard instead which ultimately is what I am using my root domain for. Please see below my Networking & Services/Ingress section configuration for the NextCloud app for reference.

Looking at the Traefik Dashboard, I can see it has picked up NextCloud and it "Looks" ok, but as I say I am new and may be missing something as to why it is not redirecting my subdomain to the NextCloud Dashboard. Below is a screenshot from the Traefik Dashboard.

Does anyone have any idea of what could be going wrong and why my subdomain is not being redirected correctly? I imagine I have missed a step somewhere!

Thanks in advance for trawling through this. I am stuck.