Traefik Ingress with Rewrite Rules for Request & Response

Hi. I am using Traefik on k3s. I have a scenario where I want to expose two of my webapps via the following URL patterns

  • mydomain/myapp1
  • mydomain/myapp2

I managed to configure my ingress to route traffic from /myapp1 to my actually app1 service and the same is true for myapp2. The problem though is that myapps are returning HTML that references URLs (CSS, Images ...) that are not aware of the URL schema on how they are exposed to the outside world. What I am therefore asking is whether Traefik not only provides a routing / URL Rewrite mechanism for incoming requests but also for reponses.
I have done a lot of searching but havent found any information on whether Traefik supports this type of capabilitiy I would expect from a Reverse Proxy