Traefik Ingress with persistent volume claim

Hi all, I'm new to k8s so I might have missed something obvious, but I'm trying to run Traefik with SSL certs enabled and stored on a persistent storage volume (NFS). When I run the helm deployment, this is what I see in the logs for the pod:

$ kubectl logs traefik-68d47bfbc5-bbjsq
Defaulted container "traefik" out of: traefik, volume-permissions (init)
Error from server (BadRequest): container "traefik" in pod "traefik-68d47bfbc5-bbjsq" is waiting to start: PodInitializing

In the values.yaml file for Traefik, I have the following configuration:

    - name: volume-permissions
      image: busybox:1.35
      command: ["sh", "-c", "touch /ssl-certs/acme-cloudflare.json && chmod -Rv 600 /ssl-certs/* && chown 65532:65532 /ssl-certs/acme-cloudflare.json"]
        - name: ssl-certs
          mountPath: /ssl-certs
  enabled: true
  name: ssl-certs
  size: 128Mi
  path: /ssl-certs

And I can confirm that the file /ssl-certs/acme-cloudflare.json is created on the NFS share. What can I do to troubleshoot this further?