Traefik in a Swarm - and basic auth - how?

So I have a docker swarm set up, inside the compose file I use this,

- "traefik.frontend.auth.basic.users=master:$$2y$$05$$UjHzKbH3S26Cm/TbA78JVO29eUYyra5x/hS9E3wsAF8uHJfMTsU8u"

But the password aint working... I have added an extra $... Ive tried to reproduce the user and password still a no go - what more can I do?

Hello @macmattias,

When you say:

What is happening? Is Traefik not requesting credentials? Is it requesting credentials and then rejecting the correct ones?

Are there any logs when this occurs from traefik?

Are you able to see this configuration loaded properly in the dashboard or via the API?

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The dashboard answers on the external adress and requires me to authenticate, I put in the credentials I have made with the apache tool. And Traefik says wrong credentials.
I cannot reach the dash on LAN either.

Hi @macmattias, what are the access logs saying on Traefik?