Traefik gets 499 in

I have set up Traefik to route to other docker containers in a (without Swarm)
I can reach Traefik on port 80 at / and it responds with a page not found message. In the access logs I see that it was indeed Traefik that served the request.
I let Traefik use Consul for service discovery, the routes show up on the dashboard. My sample service has a PathPrefix(/mssample) rule and the corresponding route is there on the Traefik dashboard.
The sample service is on a different machine than traefik, both docker engines are connected with a weave net.
When I request /mssample from the traefik host, the request fails after 20-30 seconds with HTTP 499. I can see in the access logs that Traefik tried to use the /mssample routing and attempted to contact the correct IP address. I see no errors, not even a timeout in the logs.
I can enter the traefik container and I am able ping the IP address of the target container from inside the traefik container.

What can be the reason why Traefik does not get a response from the target container? What can I do to analyse the problem further? Can I inspect the actual response that was produced when the 499 error occurs?

Our traefik image erroneously contained enterprise proxy env variables (a well-meaning soul had put them there). Since the target services are IP addresses, the no_proxy settings had no effect and the proxy kicked in, but failed to connect, of course. Case closed :slight_smile:
The traefik container has wget, so we were able to analyze the connection from inside the container.

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