traefik | File.provider | problem

Hello Traefik Community,

I have a problem with my first steps with Traefik, I installed Traefik using the Binary Distribution.
I configured the dynamic part with another Toml file.
The Traefik service is started and running on the other hand it gives me the following error:
"Error msg =" Cannot start the provider * file.Provider: unable to read directory / home / traefik / services /: open / home / traefik / services /: permission denied "

Thank you in advance for your help

Hello @mohdz

Seems that Traefik is not able to read the configuration files that you created. Please make sure that the user who runs Traefik is able to read the config files you have created at /home/traefik/services/.

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Thank you @jakubhajek

Normally the "/home/traefik/services/" folder has the necessary permissions for it to be read by the "traefik" user
The following command was performed on the folder
sudo chmod 755 /home/traefik/services/
sudo chown -R root:root /home/traefik/services/
sudo chown -R traefik:traefik /home/traefik /servoces /

Thanks again for your support




Can you please provide Traefik configuration files and detailed information on how the process is started in your environment?

You can also list the content of the directories (including owner and group) that Traefik is going to read during the starting process.

That information can be relevant to solve the issue you described.

Thank you,

Thank you for your support,
Here is the required information

Hello :wave:

Thanks for posting the screenshots. I copied the content to the text files in order to replicate the issue you are facing. However, the file provider on my test environment was able to correctly start.

INFO[2021-02-23T23:43:38+01:00] Starting provider aggregator.ProviderAggregator {}
INFO[2021-02-23T23:43:38+01:00] Starting provider *traefik.Provider {}
INFO[2021-02-23T23:43:38+01:00] Starting provider *file.Provider {"directory":"/etc/traefik/conf.d","watch":true}

Additionally, can you publish as a text the systemd traefik.service ?

Thank you,

Thanks again @jakubhajek

Here is the message for the requested command :
root @ aa-srv-traefik: / # systemd traefik.service
Excess arguments.