Traefik error after replacing cert

We're in the process of replacing our wildcard cert and whenever I update the certificates in Traefik it will no longer start and I receive the following error in the log:

level=fatal msg="Error preparing server: error opening listener: listen tcp :80: bind: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions."

We are running Traefik v1.7.28 in Service Fabric

address = ":80"
entryPoint = "https"
address = ":443"
certFile = "certs/servicefabric.crt"
keyFile = "certs/servicefabric.key"
address = ":8080"

cert = "certs/servicefabric.crt"
key = "certs/servicefabric.key"
insecureskipverify = true
UseCertificateAuth = true
ClientCertFilePath = "certs/traefik.crt"
ClientCertKeyFilePath = "certs/traefik.key"
InsecureSkipVerify = true