Traefik docker hub image missing some arches

While Traefik's binary releases on github include tons of arches (amd64, arm64, various arm32's, ppc64le), the official multi-arch Docker image only includes a handful (amd64, arm64, arm32v6).

How can we get more arches added to the docker hub images (in particular, ppc64le)?


The Docker image of Traefik is an official image.
The architectures are limited to the architectures available for an official image (it's different than a classic Docker Hub image)

For the rest, you already know the answer Adding arch to alpine Dockerfile by paleozogt · Pull Request #15 · traefik/traefik-library-image · GitHub

I'm not sure I follow you. There's plenty of official images that include ppc64le.

I submitted a PR, but it looks like someone already beat me to it (here) and its languished.

So my question is-- how can we get this change moved thru the system? Who is in charge of it?

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