Traefik DaemonSet Died with wrong image

We have traefik configured in our kubernetes clusters, about 20 nodes. The traffic increased to 2K requests/minute then our traefik daemon died, here is sequence of log observed.

  1. kubectl received SyncLoop: DELETE for traefik and killed the running traefik container
  2. kubectl trying to start the same container but container not found and it gave up after 5 retries.
  3. kubectl trying to pull traefik image 1.17.4 (future version #) which is not exists in docker hub. After few retry, it gave up.
  4. At this time.. all traefik pod (daemonset) died and noticed a new daemonset configuration was created and old one was deleted without anyone touching the system.
  5. After 15 mins, we added a new node and it started. Also, all existing nodes received SyncLoop: ADD for traefik then new version of traefik image, 1.7.14 was downloaded and traefik started in all nodes.

The question here is, why traefik is trying to download 1.17.4 not-released version from docker repo? Why daemonset got deleted and created again?

Thanks in Adv,