Traefik custom plugin and array values

Lets imagine I have custom plugin.
And next labels in docker-compose file.


The main question is: what is the best practice to set array values or dictionary values to key3?
Something like json

  "key3": {
    "k1": "v1",
    "k2": "v2" 

I think yaml itself has an array format:


In Traefik config arrays are sometimes separated by , (when assigning middlewares or entrypoints), you could use your own annotation like =k1:v1,k2:v2.

Thanx! Got it.

Something like

  - "[0].key=k1"
  - "[0].value=v1"
  - "[1].key=k2"
  - "[1].value=v2"

But very important: config's struct field must be named Values

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