Traefik container freezes for a long time when stopping / restarting it

I have a weird issue on one of my docker computers. I use Traefik v2.9 on all of them, and this one (that has the most services behind it) is having trouble whenever I need to restart the container or even stop it.
Whenever I run docker stop (traefik), the console hangs for around 5-7 minutes before it actually stops. If I try to ctrl+c and kill it, the command freezes as well. However if I directly kill the container (without first trying to stop it) it works as it should.

I tried enabling debug logs on Traefik but there is no log output after I give the stop command. After the long freeze I do get "I have to go" message...with a timestamp from the time I ran the command.

The host I have is Arch Linux. Any other docker container doesn't have this issue (nor any other system I have)
I've thought about configuration issues but there's nothing that doesn't work, and nothing in Traefik logs either. Starting the container up works immediately without any wait time.

I also tried to exec into docker container. When running stop, it doesn't immediately throw me out from the shell, it takes a good 10 seconds to get a KILL command to throw me out, after that can't see anything else.

Obviously this could be something with docker (networking?) or something like that, but any idea how to dig deeper with this?

EDIT: Thought it could be an issue with Docker v23 since Arch has jumped to that, but nope, downgrading and rebooting didn't help.

I found a fix for this. It was not traefik itself, nor docker.
It was a typo in logging driver (I'm using Grafana Loki) port, so a really stupid user error.

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