Traefik behind traefik in docker


We have a setup where we have a machine running Traefik and docker where we can deploy multiple compose stacks

At the moment, we have

internet => Traefik => rules => stack1
=> stack2
=> etc

now, as part of the stack we also wanted to introduce a "mini-traefik" to handle path rewrites, jwt auth and several other features

What I wanted to do was to limit this "stack" traefix to only listen on the stack network for the docker containers, so I only added the compose "app" network

But, of course, this would cause problems for the main traefik, as the stack traefik is not on the network and therefore does not see the docker events for that network

has anyone got a similar setup that has solved this issue ?

Hi @jmls1! Thanks for your interest in Traefik!

Can you provide a bit more detail, what you are trying to archive?

What do you mean exactly here?

Do you want to do that with TCP and UDP?