Traefik behind nginx

Been trying to configure (The Littlest JupyterHub) Which uses Traefik, behind a NGinx Proxy.
Not quite sure how I can point the two servers to communicate with each other. Assuming I need to make Traefik listen on e.g. Port 80 and send all incoming data from NGinx to port 80 on the back end server. Are there any configuration tips for this?
Traefik has built in Proxy capabilities, yes. But need the Proxy stuff on another server, hence the double up of things.
I'll Gladly provide information if any is necessary regarding this :slight_smile:

After doing some research on Traefik, I find that the better solution is to use Traefik instead of nginx as it is more userfriendly and less clunky on the certificate part (Let'sEncrypt). So will be replacing the front end proxy with a Traefik solution.

Can you please share additional information about your environment?
For the small picture you've shared so far, you need to redirects all the out-coming traffic from nginx to your traefik in a specific entryPoint of your choice.

Yes, I've figured it out atm. via NGinx I'll redirect a specific domain entry to the IP and Port of the Traefik Server. Which listens on a specified port. 8000 in this case. It worked after a couple config changes.
I've set up JupyterHub on one Server. And already had NGinx set up beforehand. Just needed to add a config to it which redirected traffic from a specified domain which should lead to the JupyterHub Front-Page.

Current Server Setup. In order to reach any backend server they have to pass the Proxy, which redirects traffic to the backend depending on the domain name.

NGinx Proxy -
-- Proxy --
JupyterHub (Front-Page)
Website (HomePage) -

Thanks for the Reply though :slight_smile:
Currently working out how to setup JupyuterHub which isn't the easiest thing in the world apparently :smiley: