Traefik "authForward" middleware with Auth0 as external auth/autho server

I am trying to use Traefik middleware of type "authForward" and connect it to auth0 application to signin and then forward to the url.

this is my yaml config for the middleware:

kind: Middleware
  name: auth0-auth
  namespace: secc
      - X-Auth-User
      - X-Secret

I am getting 302 response and it's continuously redirecting until i reach the limit.

Does any one tried to link traefik with auth0 or know what's the problem ?

I recommend to tag your post with kubernetes, the configuration is sometimes different to the mostly used Docker setups here.

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Hello @firasfendri have you manged to use authForward middleare with Auth0 successfully? I'm solving the same issue. Thanks

Did you check the traefik-forward-auth0 doc?