Traefik as reverse proxy for non-dockered virtual machines

Hello, I'm looking for "easy to use" reverse proxy so, I found Traefik....

But I'm not sure that is usuable in my case. I have my own supermicro server with Proxmox. In Proxmox I have VM's with like webserver, mysql server and in near future mailserver. It is possible to use Traefik like reverse proxy in front of these separates VM servers ? In all tutorials on internet I saw only variant Traefik in Docker and other reverse proxy "VM's" also in Docker. But I don't want to have Traefik, Apache, Mysql, mailserver in one Proxmox VM behind Docker, because I think this solution is total crazy for production use.

Hello @jmatousek,

You can either use the file provider (which you can configure manually) for your configuration:

The file provider is dynamic, so you can rewrite your dynamic configuration files, and traefik will auto-reload.

This gives you manual control over the routing configuration, so it will work in all environments.