🥁 Traefik 3.0 is Now GA!

Hi there,

We are very excited to announce the General Availability of Traefik V3!

This release is a huge step forward in the cloud native world, adding support for some leading edge technologies. Highlights include:

  • Routing & Security: Traefik v3 adds support for HTTP/3, gRPC-Web, SPIFFE, Tailscale, Brotli compression, and integration of the Coraza Web Application Firewall
  • Extensibility: Support for WebAssembly (Wasm) plugins, expanding possibilities for simpler middleware development
  • Observability: Added support for OpenTelemetry for both metrics and tracing
  • Kubernetes Gateway API: Enhanced compatibility with Kubernetes by supporting the Gateway API specification
  • Ease of Migration: Streamlined migration process from v2, ensuring backward compatibility with v2 syntax while offering a progressive path for adopting the v3 syntax

To learn more about Traefik v3, see our:

Join The Traefik v3 Online Meetup

Join us for an online meetup about Traefik v3, presented by Emile Vauge, Founder & CTO, and Nicolas Mengin, Head of Support, on May 15th, 8am PT / 5pm CET.

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