Traefik 2 + Nextcloud, strange error to many redirects / cant write cookies

I have had Nextcloud running behind Traefik for years and then my VM had enough of if and died.
So here I am setting up a new server, using the backup of the old one.
But the last container that I am setting up also the most important is Nextcloud.
But I get such a strange error, to many redirects or it cant save a cookie.
Also I have gone code blind, I cant see what I have messed up. So here you have the parts I think you need to point out the glaring mistake I have made:

I can see one potential issue, if Nextcloud itself is trying to redirect to port 443, but Traefik is always forwarding all requests to port 80 of your Nextcloud instance.

Enable your browser developer tools console and check what's happening on the network tab. Check the logs of your Nextcloud instance.

Thing is that Traefiks dashbord thinks everything is hanky dory, 80 or 443.
I will check that, I have come so far that I do get an 502 error.
Some new guesses after asking a friend to test, he gets an error that says that http traffic is sent to https. Something I will look into later.

It was me who had messed up the config.php settings for the Nextcloud install. A reinstall solved that.

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