Traefik 2.0 to 2.1x migration documentation missing information

Hi there, I am getting a little frustrated here. I have (after a steep learning curve) managed to come up with a working file provider configuration for my little homeserver setup with traefik 2.0.

So far so good, after a routine logfile inspection a upgrade advice caught my eye. So I thought ok, why not. I was looking for upgrade instructions and found the documentation page. Seems like nothing much to do but add two definitions, but where the heck do I add these?

After some digging around I am still not sure where to put the TraefikService and ClusterRole definition, do I even need these if I only use the file provider config?
I have a static traefic.yml and a dynamic.yml configuration file, do I need another file or where do the definitions for the TraefikService and ClusterRole go?

Help, anyone?