Traefik 1.7 and Rancher 2.3.3, how?

Please bear with me, i am very new to this :

  1. I have RancherOS 1.5.4 installed
  2. I have Rancher server installed in synology docker container
  3. I have created a cluster with one node (the machine from 1).
  4. In the cluster i disabled the nginx ingress controller
  5. I installed Traefik app (Helm chart) using NodePort

Now how can i configure as a start so i can navigate to the dashboard and then for other docker containers i deploy in the cluster ? If i add a Ingress rule it stays in Initializing and never goes pass that.

I read following in the requirements which i am not sure i understand ?

You are deploying the chart to a cluster with a cloud provider capable of provisioning an
external load balancer (e.g. AWS or GKE)

Is this the reason i can't get it to work ? I don't want to use a clour provider just locally in my network.

Hope that somebody can shed some light over this since it's quite frustrating.