Traefic 2 on Synology nas // WARNING: no logs are available with the 'db' log driver

Hello to all,
and thank you for your welcome me, here in the traefik community.

I tried to work with traeffik on my Synology NAS DS918+ but till now I have no success. I'm not a professional an also not a complete newbie in Network- or Docker-Stuff - somewhere in the middle.

I work with docker since a few years, with a few single containers. Now I tried to set up traefik with docker-compose. I tried to consider the informations I could find in the weg, e.g. using the guide on Traefik-Documentation or SmarthomeBeginner.

But till now it doesn't work. Every time I run the docker-compose file, I got the following output in terminal:

xxx@xxx:/volume1/docker$ docker-compose up
traefik is up-to-date
Attaching to traefik
traefik    | WARNING: no logs are available with the 'db' log driver
traefik exited with code 1

Does anybody know how to deal with the aforementioned Warning-Message? I searched about it and found out that it apparently related to Logging Driver, wich docker uses. But I don't know how to fix ist.

I'm also not able to run Traefik over the NAS IP:8080.

I would be very glad about every kind of help. I could give you more informations, but at the moment, I don't know what could be important and where to start.

Thanks for your response in advance. With best regards - Daniel

Hi Daniel, I think that warning is safe to ignore; it is not the reason your container your may be failing.

In general, you are probably going to want to use docker-compose up -d to start your containers in "detached" mode. Otherwise the docker-compose process will continue running in the foreground and if you stop it, you also stop your container.

After confirming the container is running OK (you can check this from the shell or in DSM UI too). I have managed to reach traefik's web UI without any problems on a Synology device using the quickstart guide that you referenced and making some adjustments to ports to avoid conflicts.

There are also others out there that have managed to get it working, and it would be a good idea to read the configurations and figure out what is and isn't applicable to you particular setup by cross referencing their configs against the documentation.

Something to keep in mind: Synology's Disk Station Manager is known to run nginx on port 80 for a variety of reasons which will prevent a Docker container from starting if it also wants to use port 80. The Control Panel > Application Portal is basically a GUI frontend for nginx as a reverse proxy. This makes it a bit cumbersome to get DSM related features to stop using port 80. See here for more info.

I have been playing with traefik a bit on my own device but have not managed to free up port 80 yet so that traefik can take control. DSM also typically uses nginx to proxy syno apps (like Moments/Drive). If you use those apps and want to put them behind traefik too, it will likely require quite a bit of effort. I haven't found a clear guide for how to accomplish something like that, but suspect it's possible if you are willing to get your hands dirty :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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