Thinking about Contributing to Traefik as My Graduation Project

Hello everyone, my name is Yong Wang. And I am a graduate student from Sun Yat-sen University, China. I am about to graduate in June next year. So I have to work on my graduation project pretty soon. Some of my friends have already started. My supervisor is pretty open to what project I am into. I am proficient at Go. And I have a fair amount of working knowledge of API gateway from the project when I was doing an internship at Tencent Games. I am looking to work on an open-source project where my work could eventually be concluded as my graduation thesis. There is one requirement which is that my work on the graduation project needs to have at least two novel approaches to some problems. Is it feasible? If so, would you please suggest some problems that I can work on?

Looking forward to your replies. Any feedbacks are welcome.


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