ThemePark - Cant get qBittorrent theme to work

Hi i switched from NginxProxyManager to taeknik.
I setup the themepark plugin in my traefik setup and for apps like radarr, sonarr its working fine.
For qBittorrent i had custom Nginx configurations, that i dont know how to apply with traefik and without these, the theme is not working:

proxy_hide_header "x-webkit-csp";
proxy_hide_header "content-security-policy";
proxy_hide_header "X-Frame-Options";

my current middleware:

          app: qbittorrent
          theme: organizr
            - 4k-logo

What does this function do in nginx? Is it used for request or response?

apparently i dont know where and what exactly it did, it was part of the site where i tried a few things out. Here is an image of how it looked in the NgingxProxyManager

From the site it had this text above these 3 lines:

Subfilter CSP

As Qbittorrent will block the theme with its content security policy you need to change or remove the CSP header. Add this in your reverse proxy to remove the headers:

Check Traefik headers middleware to add/remove in request or response..

Thanks for the reply,

adding following middleware fixed the problem:

          x-webkit-csp: ""
          content-security-policy: ""
          X-Frame-Options: ""

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