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Every year, we conduct a survey about important topics in cloud native networking to help us understand how to best serve our community. Last year, we did a deep dive into managing and scaling applications in Kubernetes which we used to drive how Traefik Labs products work with Kubernetes, as well as to drive our education efforts for community members who are looking to develop their Kubernetes skills. This year, we are looking inward a bit.  

Our company objectives for 2022 are focused on giving the Traefik community the love you all deserve.  

To do this, we are pushing to have more open governance in our open source projects, we are developing a ton of content, and we have doubled down in the community forum to be more active.  

But this is just the beginning!  

This year, our survey is focused on how we can innovate to serve you. We want to know where you want the magic in your config. What pain points should we focus on and what features get you excited? Is eBPF really all it's cracked up to be? Where are you going next and how can we get you there? And finally: Where can our community support you best — is it docs, feature development, perhaps training activities?  

Take the Cloud Native Networking Community Survey and share your thoughts on the industry, our products, and the Traefik community.

Take Our Short Survey and WinTell us your thoughts on the cloud native networking industry for a chance to one of win up to $250.Take the Survey

Bonus round! After completing the survey, you will have the opportunity to participate in a drawing to win one of our prizes:

  • A $250 Amazon gift card
  • One of 10 $100 Amazon gift cards
  • One of 20 $25 Amazon gift cards
Survey: Take our cloud native networking survey for a chance to win up to $250

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