Tcp route not work

my toml
tcp is no tls

   address = ":8095/tcp"

kv tcp service

etcdctl put  traefik/tcp/services/mytcpservice/loadbalancer/servers/0/url 123.89.xx.xx:8096

etcdctl put traefik/tcp/routers/myrouter/rule 'HostSNI(`*`)'
etcdctl put traefik/tcp/routers/myrouter/entrypoints/0 tcpproxy
etcdctl put traefik/tcp/routers/myrouter/service mytcpservice 

connect to service 123.89.xx.xx:8096 is work
ip :8095 route to 123.89.xx.xx:8096
but connect to ip :8095 no response. is not work.

I put kv with the desc

bu not work.

can some body give me a traefik etcd tcp route example