Support of K8s Ingress object?

I have worked out how to use the traefik ingressroute, however I have a number of legacy configs defined with Kubernetes Ingress objects. While they DO show up in the Traefik v2 (2.2.8) dashboard, they do not route https traffic properly. This is a sample definition that worked with Traefik v1.7 (certificate in secret, provided by certificate manager):

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: diag-mysite-com
  annotations: traefik
  - host:
      - path: /
          serviceName: diag-mysite-com
          servicePort: 3001
  - secretName: diag-mysite-com

Any suggestions on what I need to modify to get traefik v2 to see the TLS and route to this service properly?

I migrated to traefik 2 before it ported the labels support to Ingress object so I had to migrate all Ingress objects to IngressRoute objects. You can see the docs for IngressRoute here and hopefully rewrite your Ingress as an IngressRoute and the problem will go away.

Alternatively the current annotations for Ingress object are described here which include TLS option, and you can try those as well.

So clearly I can rewrite everything. However the Ingress object WORKS, just not for TLS, not like it used to. Not like it is supposed to according to the Kubernetes Ingress Object documentation. I understand the CRD IngressRoute has additional power, but if I don't want to use that power... and I have lots of standards compliant Ingress objects... how do I use them?