Support for http only/secure session affinity cookie

A few months ago, a change was made to support http only/secure session affinity cookies ( However I do not see an annotation for enabling this on Kubernetes ( Do such annotations exist?

If not, what is the best way to enable this feature for traefik in Kubernetes?


As you can see the milestone of the issue #4738 and the related PR #4947 is v2.0.

So the change has been added to the v2 of Traefik.

Thank you for your response, but in the documentation I do not see any kind of reference to an annotation that can be used to enable this feature on Kubernetes (regardless of the version of traefik). My question is more along the lines of whether an annotation exists for enabling this?

In the v2 the annotations has been dropped in favor of our CRD (IngressRoute).

I understand. I will research more on the topic. Thank you!

One more follow up question: what are the plans to update the Helm chart to support traefik 2.0?