Subdomain based routing

In this scenario the goal is to start test instances of my code with dockers named by the name of the branch to be tested. So is it possible that if I request the address it redirects me to the VH-1234 service but dynamically without specifying service by service to which address they are linked

I've seen the different post speaking about
defaultRule: "Host(api.{{ index .Labels \"com.docker.service\" }}" but in the dashboard it appreas like Host( and it doesn't seems to work

Hi @Bahaldrish
Thanks for your interest in Traefik!

Just to clarify, is your question related to doing that with Traefik Hub (as the label of this thread) or if you can do that with Traefik (Proxy) ?

****, it's about proxy yes not hub

but in the end i've manage to make it work like:
defaultRule: "Host({{ index .Name }}"

because it was easier with the dns to allow * to redirect to traefik

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