StripprefixRegex Middleware does not work as expected

We have recently upgraded from Traefik v1.7.20 to v.2.9.6. We have been using the annotation " / " and since this is no longer supported in Traefik v2, we are moving towards middlewares specifically stripprefixregex. Below is the configuration.

kind: Middleware
  name: abc-stripprefixregex
      - "/abc/[a-z,-]+/"
      - "/abc/ht/[a-z,-]+/"
      - "/abc/[a-z,-]+"

And we are using this middleware as an annotation in the kubernetes ingress. The issue we are facing is that it is only working when we are using the trailing slash in the URL. For example.

Working :
Working :
Not working : --- 404 Not found

Can I anyone tell what could I be missing here?

Hi @junaidAftab94, thanks for your interest in Traefik!

Could you please post your full configuration file(s) and the inputs domains?
If that is not possible, could you provide a minimal working example to reproduce?