Sticky Sessions with Loadbalancing Not Working

I am using Traefik V2.9 as ingress controller in my EKS cluster. I have deployed an application with 10 pods & service in front of them. Also created an ingress route to expose application outside cluster.

kind: IngressRoute
name: nginx
namespace: alb-test
- web

  • match: Host(
    kind: Rule
    • kind: Service
      name: apache-svc
      passHostHeader: true
      port: 80
      httpOnly: true
      name: cookie

Issue is traefik controller is forwarding requests to 3 pods only, rest pods are sitting idle. What else is required to distribute requests to all pods?

If you use sticky session cookie and try with 3 clients, then only 3 pods will be used.

Use 3 backticks or </> button to fix your code, with yml every space matters.

I want to engage all 10 pods with sticky session cookie. Is it possible in Traefik??

The whole purpose of sticky sessions it to keep a client on the same pod and not use other pods. So you need to have 10+ clients (in parallel) to make use of all pods, then they will probably be distributed.

I am having 50+ clients testing on the application and their requests are landing on 3-4 pods only with above setting.
Is there anything I am missing in my configuration?