stdlib.Symbols - Symbols not declared by package stdlib


I have just upgraded v0.9.2 to v0.9.19
Now, I have a problem when I try to use stdlib.Symbols I get that Symbols not declared by package stdlib.
The problem is that I can't reconstruct the problem with a sample.go to open on it an issue. because it is working when I test it with a small project.

Any ideas how to fix it ?


Hello @yanivyakobovich,

what version of go are you using?

Hey @daniel.tomcej

I am using GO 1.15

Hello @yanivyakobovich,

Each Yaegi version supports the two major versions of Go when it is released.

Yaegi v0.9.2 supports Go 1.14 and 1.15, and Yaegi v0.9.19 supports Go 1.15 and 1.16 (as support for 1.16 was added, and support for 1.14 was dropped in 0.9.14).

If you try to run 0.9.2 with go 1.16, or 0.9.19 with go 1.14, you will encounter this error.

Hey @daniel.tomcej

Thanks, it works.