Specifying service port, when using KV store for config

I have been trying to get a one of my services connected that uses a port other than 80 or 443. Im using a K/V store (Redis) for managing all my config.

I've seen docs and samples for setting this as a label


As well as docs for setting it in yml. But not for a K/V.

This is my config right now, which would work perfectly if the container used port 80. But in this case its HTTP interface is on port 8083. How can I update this config to route to that specific port.

 traefik/http/routers/listcon/entrypoints/0 websecure
 traefik/http/routers/listcon/rule Host(`list.example.net`)
 traefik/http/routers/listcon/tls/certresolver myresolver
 traefik/http/routers/listcon/tls true
 traefik/http/routers/listcon/service listcon@docker

Have you tried this?

traefik/http/services/listcon/loadbalancer/server/port 8083

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I tried that out and am seeing this error repeating in the logs

KV connection error: field not found, node: server, retrying in 5.207035494s

I found a workable solution.

I add an entry for

traefik/http/services/testing/loadbalancer/servers/0/url http://ipaddress:port

And then change

 traefik/http/routers/listcon/service listcon@docker


 traefik/http/routers/listcon/service testing@redis

This requires me to specify an IP and a port and not just the port like I would using docker labels. But at least I have a workaround.

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