SOLVED second / third router rule after defaultrule

So i have a defaultrule in my traefik.yml file that exposes my containers using their service name

But i now want for certain containers to have a second or third router rule


works because it's the defaultrule in my traefik.yml file

but now i also want




to point to my bazarr container.

i tried adding them seperate in the docker-compose file of bazarr, but that does not work, it only takes the last rule there.

i tried using "||" But then i get a router failure in traefik

 - traefik.http.routers.bazarr.rule="Host(`subtitles.srv.local`) || Host(`subs.srv.local`)"

SOLVED -----------------------------------------------------------

thanks, that solved it.

however, if i define a host rule in the docker-compose of a container, it ignores the defaultrule
So i needed to add them manually to the docker-compose of the container.

hi @uinguzero

I prefer the k:v form of defining labels but the examples I've seen for the list format would define the rule with the quote at the beginning of the label:
The parser yq does process these differently but I'm not sure about the traefik parser.
- "traefik.http.routers.bazarr.rule=Host(`subtitles.srv.local`) || Host(`subs.srv.local`)"

Also Host can take a list of hostnames so the rule can simply be: