Site working at <IP>:<Port> but using http://<domain> breaks css and js

I have Tdarr setup on my Unraid server and it runs fine, but accessing it through Traefik gives me nothing but a blank page and tons of 404 errors for all the css and js.

This is the only service out of 30+ that this happens with and I am baffled as to why. Most of my services are defined in the docker compose using labels, but services that run on another server, eg my Unraid box are defined using dynamic files.

  # Add the router
        - https # entrypoint defined above
        - chain-no-auth@file
      service: tdarr
      rule: Host(``) # Not my actual domain

  # Add the service
          - url:
        passHostHeader: true #not sure if this is necessary

I also have Plex, Jellyfin and Adguard running on the Unraid box and they are defined the same way but they work 100 fine.

Any ideas where to start looking for the problem?

Have you checked the browsers developer tools network tab? Are the 404s on the same domain?

I think Wordpress is an example that saves the first used domain (or IP) and all links in the response will use the full (old) path, even if it’s an IP and not the current request domain name.

Yes they are on the same domain. Strange thing though. When i disabled a service completely unrelated to Tdarr, it started working, as well as the random sabnzbd css related eros that occasionally cropped up. I have no idea how it was interfering but it was almost like magic. I wish I knew more about why or how it could even happen. It may have just been a huge coincidence.