Service metrics does not show ratelimit

I have a traefik ingress in my kubernetes cluster which sends its metrics to a prometheus. In the prometheus, the traefik_service_requests_total metric doesn't show requests with 429 code. However, the traefik_entrypoint_requests_totalshow these requests. Given that the traefik logs show which service got the ratelimit, why we could not have traefik_service_requests_total with ratelimit requests. This is a sample of traefik log which show the service name and the status code is 429 :
X.X.X.X - - [10/Apr/2021:07:55:10 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 429 17 "-" "-" 75481 "monitoring-alertmanager-main-dfce016636084aa65f02@kubernetescrd" "-" 0ms