"servers transport not found"

I'm trying to enable a communication between Traefik and a backend using self-signed certicate.

I've added:

      - traefik.http.serversTransports.httpsNoVerify.insecureSkipVerify=true
      - traefik.http.services.elasticsearch01.loadbalancer.serversTransport=httpsNoVerify

to the docker-compose file for the backend, but I have the error:

servers transport not found httpsNoVerify@docker

How can I properly created this transport?

Thanks in advance



Regarding to the Traefik: Reference: Dynamic Configuration: Docker, firstly it shows us that the Docker label is all lower case :face_with_monocle: as the following example.

- "traefik.http.services.<service_name>.loadbalancer.serverstransport=foobar"

Especially, there is no any mentioning about the serverstransports.<name>.insecureskipverify within the Docker label ! :scream:

This means and implies that we have to define it via the following methods.

  • Define globally by using Static Configuration via File Provider or CLI

  • Define for each specific by using Dynamic Configuration via File Provider

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Thanks a lot!
Folowing, your advice, I deleted the mentions about a new transport and just added


to the docker-compose.yml file for Trafik and it worked! Of course I would prefer not to activate tls at all on the backend, but it seems Elastic is rigid about it... :frowning:

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