Self signed TLS keeps being generated…

… or so I think. I have a docker-compose project that defines some services, including some traefik labels, and regex domain matches.

I can load the services via the desired host names, however every few minutes my browser asked me to re-confirm the self-signed certificate.

Viewing the Traefik container logs, it looks like the config keeps getting generated on Docker events, which look like they might be short lived containers fired up by PHPStorm (which is configured to use remote PHP instace inside the container). I have PHPStorm configured to run a new instance each time (due to limitations with the way it works with the inspection tools).

Is there a way to tell Traefik to keep the same TLS cert files when this happens?

I'll post configs shortly, but just been called away.

I think I've managed to work out what was happening. I had another project's docker-compose containers running, and one of those containers was restarteding every few minutes, causing the config to be updated.

I'm still not sure why that should cause Traefik to re-generate a new TLS certificate. Can it not ust keep using the same one when the config is regenerated?