Searching for utilities to convert existing haproxy configuration to traefik

I came across articles that have sent me on a very cyclic wild goose chase in an effort to locate a utility that can convert my existing haproxy configuration to a traefik configuration. I read about a traefik-cli that should be able to do this, though it seems to be deprecated. I've also seen mentions about sending the haproxy configuration through the Traefik API, though the /api endpoint only seems to return 404's. Another mentioned being able to run traefik config import to perform the conversion, that returns an error not recognizing those parameters. The last option was to use a haproxy-to-traefik script, which also doesn't seem to exist.

The end goal was to be able to leverage inline OIDC authentication (at the load balancer), which my original find stated that Traefik is able to do this, while the community edition of HaProxy can not. Though, I have a fairly extensive existing configuration and a conversion migration path is a lot easier than trying to recreate from scratch.

Does any migration script actually exist to accomplish this, or have all of these tools been deprecated/abandoned?

I don’t think there is a simple converter from haproxy to Traefik. It’s two different worlds, even though both are reverse proxys.

What should Traefik do with OIDC, what do you want to achieve?