Routes missing after upgrade 2.2.0 to 2.2.1

Running Traefik 2.2.0 on K3S with Ingress RouteCRD.

Have a couple of HTTP Routes (7), Services (8), Middlewares (5), TCPRoutes (1).
After upgrade to 2.2.1 (latest) I see from Dashboard
HTTP Routes (2), Services (3), Middlewares (2) TCPRoutes (0)

Why are the other existing Routes / Services / Middlewares not shown anymore?
Switching back to 2.2.0 (without any further actions) will bring back my full list.

Any ideas?

I just did the same thing and experienced the same issue (2.1.x -> 2.2.1)

Have you edited your Kubernetes CRD as documented here ?

NOTE: I have... and is not solved yet.

Q: Are your routes defined as ?

kind: IngressRoute

I see in the same doc linked above - examples of ingress as:

kind: Ingress

I suspect (but don't yet know) this may be impacting our upgrade. Would appreciate to know if you have used the 'IngressRoute' type.

Yes, I compared v21-to-v22 upgrade document. All fine as I installed on v22 and we are now on v221. Haven't seen any additional information yet.

Yes, I am use IngressRoute. as well v1alpha1.
Did not test any other version. Let me know, if I should test another version.

Well - I spent 4hrs in config - no joy.

I have had to downgraded production back to Traefik 2.2.1 from v2.1.9 (for now)

Successfully got v2.2.1 running (like the dark UI on the dashboard) but ONLY with 2 default routes. My own routes were absent.

I added all three tabs of CRD update into from the docs as linked above.

Will try again when one of the team can chime-in. For reference - here is an (example) Ingress of the form I use in production:

kind: IngressRoute
  name: mycoolsite-ingress
  namespace: kube-system
    - websecure
  - match: Host(``) || Host(``)
    kind: Rule
    - name: mycoolsite
      namespace: kube-system
      port: 80
    certResolver: default
    - main:

Look forward to any advice as I couldn't identify the issue.

Hey folks,

I'd really like to chip but I can't fully follow.

What is the actual issue? Can you provide me with more configuration please? Otherwise its hard to follow.

Pretty easy:
build an Ingress Route as shown above within 2.2.0.
Look to the Dashboard. You will see it.
Upgrade to 2.2.1.
It has disappeared.

As easy as that.
If you downgrade to 2.2.0 again Ingress Route is back again.
Same for Services and Middleware.



could you share your Traefik logs ?

I made some tests, It may be caused by an issue with some fields in the YAML configuration.
@wopl, if you still have the issue, could you check your logs and search for "Unsupported match kind" error message ?

I will investigate further.