Reverse proxy of images loading endlessly

Hi everyone,
I have traefik running via docker on a small vps in the cloud. Traefik acts as a reverse proxy for my raspberry pi at home (connected via wireguard vpn) and running an nginx web server serving some static files on port 8080.

While everything works fine for html,js and css files any images(jpg/png/svg) i try to access just load endlessly. If I use curl from the server running traefik/ the docker container to curl the images directly from the ip of the raspberry pi I get a valid response with the image file.
Checking the access logs shows the following:

  • nginx server instantly shows 200 OK from the vps servers IP
  • traefik access log shows nothing until i manually abort the curl/browser load. Then an access log shows up to to the image url as 200 OK. (But it never loaded the image).

Any idea what I am doing wrong/ how I can debug this issue?