Regex in access log headers

I would like to know if it possible to log header using a regex. I've read the documentation but it didn't help me.
I've been facing CDN petitions with a header named aaaa-bbbb-X (X is a random number) that is filling my header logs with aaaa-bbbb-1, aaaa-bbbb-2, aaaa-bbbb-3, etc... I want to drop all of this headers like this:

       filePath = "/var/log/traefik/access.log"
       format = "json"
         defaultMode = "keep"
         "User-Agent" = "keep"
         "Authorization" = "keep"
         "Content-Type" = "keep"
         "aaaa-bbbb-/.*/" = "drop"

But it seems that regex is ignored. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thanks

hello @FrakasTeam

Thanks for creating the post.
However, currently, we don't support regular expression in the header. That means you have to know the header up front and then add it manually to the list.

Thank you,