Reduce time gap in Let's Encrypt certificate renewal

Hello all, newbie here trying to figure out an issue which I'm not able to resolve after some searching.

I deployed traefik v2.0 in a few docker hosts in our environment, I decided to start implementing Let's Encrypt for our certificate needs, and configured TLS Challenge for some containers to start with.

I noticed a slight time delay after traefik and application containers are brought up before I see a valid certificate. This is not worrisome when application is first launched, but similar if not longer time delay happens when certificates are getting renewed, some front-end application would throw certificate check fail error, sometimes until that container is manually brought down and back up.

I'm wondering if this is a normal behavior of TLS Challenge or am I doing something wrong and what would be my best option to eliminate this delay?

Thanks in advance for your time and help, I'm also happy to further explain my question if this doesn't make sense.


This problem has been fixed in v2.3.2 by

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Wow, thank you so much for the speedy response! Glad this is a unknown and fixed issue. I will update my traefik version and try!

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