Redirect 80 and 443 on the same backend,for multiple backend, but not for all backend


Because I'm new on the forum, I can't use more than 4 link, so I replace dot by ':' for some links, sorry for that :-\

I'm looking for a way to redirect 80 and 443 port on the same backend host, for multiple backend, but not for all backend.
Let's me try to explain:

Suppose I am working on the domain I am not a master of the domain and I cannot generate a wildcard certificate with let's encrypt for . However, I can use less than 100 san thanks to let's encrypt, but it is not enough.

My traefik server is located at and my multiple backend are located at

On the one hand, I'm going to have a lot of web clients below mysubdomain:anotherdomain:com (ex: web-no-san-[1-1000] and for which I don't want to manage myself ssl certificates (but the administrators of these machines who want to do it must be able to do it).

On the other hand, I am going to have a few web clients for which I will be able to use let's encrypt with the san functionality and for which I systematically wish an HTTP redirect to https (ex: web-san-https-only [1-10]

For next, consider that I just have web-no-san and web-san-https-only hosts.

I cannot use the lines below in comment:

        address = ": 80"
# [entryPoints.http.redirect]
# entryPoint = "https"
        address = ": 443"

because I don't want this feature for all backend.

I can't seem to use a configuration like this:

     url = ""
     url = ""

    entryPoints = ["http"]
    backend = "backend1"
    passHostHeader = true
                        rule = "Host: web-no-san:mysubdomain:anotherdomain:com"
    entryPoints = ["https"]
    backend = "backend2"
    passHostHeader = true
                        rule = "Host: web-no-san:mysubdomain:anotherdomain:com"

I tried to add the respective port numbers on the last rule, but without success:

rule = "Host: web-no-san:mysubdomain:anotherdomain:com: 80"
rule = "Host: web-no-san:mysubdomain:anotherdomain:com: 443"

And I don't see how to declare my servers of type web-san-https-only1

Do you think my use case can be satisfied by traefik? And if so, do you have any idea how I should be successful?

I hope my explanation has been clear, thank you in advance for your possible help.

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Apparently we can do this kind of thing using version 2 of traefik with the functionality of TCP router and passthrough: