Rabbitmq- getting connection timeout via traefik ingressroutetcp

Hi Team,

I able to access the UI page of rabbitmq. But when comes TCP - data transfer from one application services to rabbitmq its not working. I have added the ingress and ingressroutetcp file


Error caught while processing a message in method com.sma.api.service.FileQueueConsumer#consumeMessage: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Connect timed out.

apiVersion: v1

  • apiVersion: traefik.containo.us/v1alpha1
    kind: IngressRouteTCP
    cert-manager.io/cluster-issuer: daimler-acme
    creationTimestamp: "2023-10-04T05:48:14Z"
    generation: 4
    name: rabbitmq-tcp-ingress
    namespace: rabbitmq
    resourceVersion: "294708839"
    uid: 2f70d477-fece-484f-9296-71ca99589ab0
    • rabbitmq
    • match: HostSNI(rabbitmq.app.corpintra.net)
      • name: rabbitmq-prod
        port: 5671
      • main: rabbitmq.app.corpintra.net
        secretName: rabbitmq-tls2
        kind: List
        resourceVersion: ""
        selfLink: ""

For code use 3 backticks in front and after, or select it and press the </> button.

What is Traefik debug log, access log and Traefik Dashboard telling you?


I didnt seen any issue, Its correctly pointing to the services and its pod.

I have updated entrypoints and containerports too and currently using the below entrypoint name amqptls in ingressroutetcp.

  • --entrypoints.amqptls.address=:5671/tcp

  • --entrypoints.amqp.address=:5672/tcp

  • containerPort: 5671
    name: amqptls
    protocol: TCP
    - containerPort: 5672
    name: amqp
    protocol: TCP

still same connection timeout with or without tls from application service to rabbitmq.
Is there something i has to update the configuration.

Someone can update on this.

How about this?

In yaml every space matters.


those backtick are there.. while copy and paste it here.. the tick is not showing..

match: HostSNI(rabbitmq.app.corpintra.net)

When I look at your posts, all prefix spaces are gone. Did you use 3 backticks?


i used only `` 2 tick

Maybe fix your old posts?

I tired lot.. not sure where extract issue. It was working via port-forwarding of rabbitmq service.

I checked the network policy too changes to allow-all. still same issue..

Can you fix your old posts so we can easily read your config?