Proxying a subfolder to a subdomain

Salut !

Traefik noob here :see_no_evil:

I am trying to setup the following thing:

  • I have a 3rd party integration running on, say something like a website builder or landing page builder. Colleagues can create as many page as they want,, etc...
  • I want these pages to be available at,, etc...

About my setup:

  • I already have my main website running on, hence the need for magicstring
  • We use traefik, kubernetes, helm and tiller. I'm not a devops person and my understanding is limited.
    I sat down with one of our devops person and we tried setting this up in main toml config file by doing something like this:
  backend = "thirdparty"
  rule = "PathPrefixStrip:/magicstring"
    url = ""

However that did not work out :frowning:

I think a summary of my question would be: can I use ingress or service annotations to make traefik proxy a request to a specific backend to another url ?

santé :wine_glass:


you can try something like that:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: test
  namespace: testing
  annotations: "PathPrefixStrip"

  - host:
      - path: /magicstring
          serviceName: service1
          servicePort: 80


    backend = "thirdparty"
    rule = "; PathPrefixStrip:/magicstring"


        url = ""