Proxy traffic to non-docker host

I have the following situation: a NAS with docker and traefik as proxy-server. Port 443 and 80 are both open on my router and forwarded tom the NAS host. Connections are terminated on the Traefik container. I'm running wireguard, on port 443 as a test, on a raspberry pi inside my network. Can i use Traefik to proxy traffic that is destined (wg.domain.x) for Wireguard to the raspberry pi?

I've generated a custom .toml file with a basic tcp router and service, but they are not showing up in the traefik dashboard after restarting the container. Am I missing something?

Toml file looks like this:

    entryPoints = https
    rule = "HostSNI(`*`)"
    service = "wireguard"

      address = ""