Proxy on local network

If for example, I have two servers on my local network and all incoming traffic goes to one of them, but I want to redirect part of the traffic using traefik to other server using Host() rule. Is it possible to proxy to from one local server to another even if traffic is coming from outside? I'm coming from nginx where proxy_pass worked without any issues with it, but when I try to use loadBalancer.servers.url, it in the browser says ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS or with curl 404 not found. Is it even possible to do this or should I just go back? (Another server doesn't have port forwarding, so I don't have any other way of sending traffic to it other than it coming from another server on the network.)

You can forward requests from Traefik to another server via route and service. That can be placed in a dynamic configuration file which you load in the static config with provider.file.