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Is the Traefik Mesh project abandoned? The last commit has almost 3 months. The last release has 5 months. The issues has no interaction. Even this forum has not much engagement. It has a very serious incompatibility with EKS and CoreDNS 1.7.0 (CoreDNS ConfigMap patch - upstream keyword in EKS with CoreDNS 1.7.0 · Issue #788 · traefik/mesh · GitHub)

It is sad because it is a very promising project and the simplicity of the architecture is extraordinary.

Hey @renato_mjr,

Im sorry for the late reply.

The Project is not abandoned by any means. What is true though, that we are working on prototypes which will become merged into Traefik Mesh eventually, but are just not at the point where we can show / publish it right now.

Given that only a small-ish team is working on the project right now, this leads to the bug you just mentioned.

That being sad, we always look out for maintainers that want to help us on the project and work on issues like the one you just mentioned. Also, if you want / can fix it with a PR we are happy to review it quickly as well.

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:

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First of all I would like to clarify that it was just a question for decision making. As a user, I am very grateful for all of your work.

I wish I could help in some way, but unfortunately I don't have the knowledge in Go language to be a maintainer.
Thank you very much for the clarification and the work done on this great project.

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