Problems after Traefik update from 2.11.0 to 2.11.1: Solution inside

Some users have issues with their services after the update to 2.11.1:

The reason seems to be this: Introduce Lingering Timeout by rtribotte · Pull Request #10569 · traefik/traefik · GitHub

The workaround/mitigation/solution ist to reconfigure the lingerringTimeout: Traefik EntryPoints Documentation - Traefik (or disabling it by setting it to 0)

## Static configuration
   # [...]
          lingeringTimeout: 30

I would not recommend downgrading to 2.11.0, because the update also fixes an issue with the Go standard library.

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Update: Here's the maintainer's ticket: v2.11.1 lingeringTimeout can break some connections · Issue #10598 · traefik/traefik · GitHub


2.11.1 breaks connections in some use cases.

There is currently a CVE which affects Traefik, it's not yet published (work in progress).
The 2.11.1 release was packed with this PR, introducing respondingTimeouts.lingeringTimeout to mitigate the vulnerability. This implementation was carefully chosen after many discussions to avoid being breaking at all costs. Sadly, we haven't anticipated all use cases, and many issues have been opened by the community since the release.

We made the decision to rollback the lingeringTimeout PR, and to provide a simpler fix by tomorrow.
:warning: We haven't been able to find a fix for this vulnerability that is not breaking at some point. However, the new fix we are going to provide is simpler to understand and configure to fit your needs.

We will update this issue while progress is made.

Traefik 2.11.2 has been released now. Changing the settings on entrypoint level is not needed any more: Traefik Migration Documentation - Traefik

The configuration snippet in the first post does not work with Traefik versions later than 2.11.1.

Started noticing websocket errors on multiple docker containers. These errors were causing multiple web pages reload after about ~5 seconds with a HTTP status 101 response. Unraid does not show the 2.11.2 version available yet so downgrading to 2.11.0 showed success. Manually setting the container to traefik:2.11.0 and traefik:2.11.2 resolved the issue.

Just posting in case someone runs into the same issue.

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