Problem SSL generator: HTTP challenge is not enabled

Hi Guys, Im tring to deploy traefik here im my server, the docker was installed and the container runs
But, the resolver return me this: HTTP challenge is not enabled

Look the picture:

Ive run from simple Docker compose in a dedicate server, bot, i cannot start a new container with SSL.

How may I fix this?

this is the end os YAML traefi.yml

      storage: acme.json
        # used during the challenge
        entryPoint: web

Hello @leoborlot

Would you please check your log files? I would recommend to enable DEBUG log and review the Traefik Logs - f the top of the log file when Traefik is stating and processing the configuration is important.

Hy @jakubhajek , i found the problem. Was the write permission on the file acme.json :rofl:


Now the problem is the CLI commands. Every coomand then I execute "traefik --flag" return:

traefik.go:81: command traefik error: error while building entryPoint web: error preparing server: error opening listener: listen tcp :80: bind: address already in use

The problem is when implementing SSL is that a challenge should be used to authenticate. This is to ensure that a hacker doesn't take your certificate and use it to steal your customer's sensitive information. If you don't have a challenge on your site, your customers might be at risk. A challenge is a way of making sure that the application is being accessed by a legitimate source. When implementing an SSL on your website, you will have the option of using either a Basic or an Extended validation certificate. It is essential that you choose the extended option because it will give you a SHA-2 certificate. This will encrypt the data that is transmitted over the SSL, and make it unreadable for any unauthorized person.