Prevent redirect to a different port


I am trying to configure frontend for a webmin backend. Problem is that the backend after login redirects frontend to its "host" port. I know the problem is related to the webmin itself not the Traefik but I am wondering if there exists a way in Traefik to prevent this (via redirect or some strip attribute).

visit -> -> logs into webmin -> redirected to: -> 404 page not found -> manually delete port -> successfully inside webmin web app

So I want to avoid that bold part above.

      url = ""
      weight = 1

    backend = "webmin"
    entryPoints = ["http", "https"]
    passHostHeader = true
	  sourceRange = ["", ""]
	  useXForwardedFor = true
	  forceSTSHeader = true
	  STSSeconds = 315360000
	  STSPreload = true
      rule = ""

Appreciate any inputs, thanks! Michal